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Heat Detector
Optical Smoke Detector
Remote LED Driver Base
Base Sounder
Output Unit
Manual Call Point

Xplorer is a new range of analogue addressable detectors and interfaces developed for all who want to access the benefits of analogue systems without having to commit to complex design and commissioning. This assures;

  • Integrity of system confirmed continuously for assured operation.
  • Pre-alarm helps reduce false alarms.
  • Flexibility of system configuration.
  • Performance log for each detector means speedy problem solving.
  • Verification of alarm levels further reduces false alarms.
  • Digital protocol.
  • Open protocol.

The Xplorer range comprises an optical smoke detector, two heat detectors and a manual call point. Two mounting bases are available for the detectors: a standard base and a remote LED driver base which is used if it is desired to connect a remote indicator LED. Detectors are supplied with either the standard or the LED driver base. An isolator is available to prevent the loss of entire loops in the event of a short circuit. An Output Unit is provided to switch external equipment and a Switch Monitor rounds off the Xplorer range.

FSSHM/EX Standard heat detector with LED driver base.
FSSHM/HT/EX High temperature heat detector with LED Driver base.
FSSSM/P/EX Optical smoke detector with LED Driver base
FSSIS/95 Isolator.
FSSBG/EX Manual Call Point.
FSSSW/95 Switch Monitor
FSSZM/95 Zone monitor
FSSIO/95 Input/output monitor
FSSSN/95 Sounder controller
FSSOP/95 Output Only unit
FSSIO/1/95/230 230v Rated (relay) input/output unit
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