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Sycall is a radio signalling system consisting of a control console together with a number of self contained remote room call units and accessories.

The system is ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, detention centres and other environments where multi-functional communication is required.

As Sycall requires no hard wiring other than a mains supply to the console, it is quick to install, flexible in it's application, and simple to upgrade when necessary. Sycall is DTI approved to MPT 1344.


Routine Call

Operation of a Call Button, Pear Switch, or Pull Cord will immediately initiate the following:-

  • Reassurance lamp on Room Unit illuminates. Call tone in Master Console sounds. (This may be silenced if required, and will resound should a further call occur). Room number is displayed on Master Console.
  • Where applicable Pocket Receivers sound call tone and display room number, and timed the Printer records details of the call. Should further calls occur the CALL WAITING indicator illuminates and the room number display is sequenced.
  • RESETTING – The nurse or warden proceeds to the room and clears the call by pressing the RESET button on the Room Unit. This clears the call from the Room Unit, Master Console and records the time on the Printer (where applicable).
  • EMERGENCY – Should the nurse or warden decide the situation requires emergency help, the appropriate button is pressed. This will override all other waiting calls, sound an ‘urgent’ tone, and display ’E’, together with the room number.
  • BATTERY MONITORING – Should any of the batteries in the Room Units run down a signal is transmitted to the Master Console, which then displays the room number and sounds a special warning tone.




CONSTRUCTION Attractively styled ABS case in contrasting grey and black. Suitable for wall mounting.
DIMENSIONS W240mm x H160mm x D63mm
POWER SUPPLY 240 volt 50Hz AC with built-in fully automatic charger and battery to give 8 hours standby operation (depending on use).
SYC5000 MAIN DISPLAY Red digital display of room number. First digit of display confirms level of call – i.e. Call (C), or Emergency (E), Room number follows (1-240). Has RS232 pager and printer output.
SYC5090 MAIN DISPLAY As above but limited to numbers 1 – 90 - no Printer or Pager output.
BATTERY MONITOR DISPLAY Separate LCD display shows number of the room with low battery.
AUDIBLE TONES Separate, easily distinguishable tones for each level of call and for battery monitor warning. Volume may be adjusted and all tones can be silenced.
CALL CAPACITY The Console will accept, and if necessary ‘Stack’ up individual calls.
HOUSE CODE Each system can be switched to a choice of 7 ‘House Codes’, thus eliminating interference from other Sycall or similar systems sited close by. Should a problem occur the house code is easily altered.
MODELS AVAILABLE SYC5000 Standard Unit, Pager & Printer enabled. Specification as above.
  SYC5090 Master Console, specification as above.
  SYC5020 Mimic Repeater Panel –Display & tone only.
  SYC5050 Transmitter/Encoder for use with SYC5000 Master Console to operate.
  SYC1001 Pocket Datapager.




For use with SYC5000 Master Console + SYC5050 Transmitter/Encoder. The addition of a Portable Receiver to a system gives the nurse or warden the freedom to move around the building and still monitor calls on a small battery operated pocket unit.

  • Gives call tone, digital display of room number, and ‘level’ of call.
  • Call stacking facility.
  • Powered by disposable battery giving an average of 600 hours use. Gives low battery warning.


CONSTRUCTION White ABS Double-gang surface box with screen-printed tactile switch fascia plate. Flush mounting bracket.
DIMENSIONS H219mm (inc antenna) x W83mm x D38mm
POWER PP3 9-volt dry battery giving an average of 6 months operation. Battery condition monitored by Master Console.
INDICATION Red call reassurance lamp illuminates when call is made and remains on until unit is reset. Pulses for emergency.
RESET Reset button clears call from that room, resetting Room Unit and Master Console.
CALL Several versions are available, incorporating a combination of call buttons, pull-cords, and hand held pear switches
Versions available:  
SYC4017 Call, Emergency, Reset – Pear push socket and hard-wired input. Optional dual action Reset & Emergency.
SYC4017/PC As above but fitted with pull cord ‘call’ switch.
SYC4001 Pull Cord Unit (call & reset) wall or ceiling mounted.
SYC4004/DR Door Monitor Unit – Test & Bypass Switch – Magnetic Key reset.
All units supplied complete with battery.


1 Level of Call + Reset + Reassurance Lamp, Dimensions 95mm x 40mm x 20mm, weight 60 gms (2oz).


SYC5005 - Signal Booster Unit SYC5010 - Thermal Printer for use with Master Consoles
SYC2007 - Slave pull-cord call unit (wired to local call unit). SYC5010/P - Pack of 2 rolls of printer paper.
SYC3004 - 9 volt PP3 Dry Battery for Room Units. SYC5009 - 0dB Antenna c/w 5 m cable
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