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The significant advantage of using a Static Inverter System for emergency lighting is that it allows the use of a wide range of normal functional or decorative mains luminaires as emergency fittings. The system eliminates the need for a separate low voltage system or self-contained luminaire emergency lighting installation. They are particularly useful where high level light output is required such as that required for high risk task areas.

Our Static Inverter Systems are able to provide the following input and output configurations:

  1. Single Phase Input : Single Phase Output
  2. Three Phase Input : Single Phase Output
  3. Three Phase Input : Three Phase Output

On Mains failure, the system converts DC power from the central battery to AC output. Our systems allow the use of our modern energy efficient luminaires, while our on-line ‘NO BREAK’ inverter systems enable the use of high-pressure discharge lighting. Although not generally recommended for emergency lighting, discharge lighting is particularly useful for standby lighting applications where high light levels are required, e.g. high bay lighting. An emergency lighting design can be combined with the general lighting scheme to provide a cost effective, unobtrusive lighting installation.

Our systems are designed to meet the requirements of the European standard EN50171. Except for our Low Power ‘LP’ range (up to 1500W-hours as defined by EN50171) which produce a quasi-square wave output, all our Static Inverter systems produce a true sinusoidal AC output thus reducing heat in cables and load, extending luminaire life and saving money. They are electrically highly efficient and therefore provide the benefit of low running costs.

The metal cubicles are exceptionally strong - made from 1.6mm Zintec, they are extremely sturdy and well engineered. Easy to install, the smaller systems have castors for manoeuvrability while the larger cubicles incorporate a base plinth for ease of positioning. Access is via the front and the type of construction offers ease of access for installation and maintenance purposes.

Prefer to monitor the function and operation of the TOTAL Lighting scheme? Does the lighting system require Hold-off Relays? We can integrate, monitor and test the whole emergency lighting system from power source, distribution, hold-off relays or the individual slave luminaires.


Because there is no restriction on the type of mains fitting that can be used means our systems are even suitable for high-pressure discharge lamps. Lighting levels will remain higher than with self-contained luminaires either indoors or outdoors.

A totally integrated, energy efficient cost effective and unobtrusive solution for all Emergency Lighting situations.

  • Passive Standby.
  • Active Standby.
  • No-Break for ALL lighting loads including high pressure discharge.
  • All systems can be configured 1:1, 3:1 or 3:3.
  • Integration with our complementary products for Emergency Lighting.
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