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Sita 200 Plus Intelligent Addressable System

The Sita 200 plus allows up to 200 detectors and sounders on one loop - a specification currently unmatched in the marketplace. The unique Multipoint detector can now work as part of an advanced addressable fire detection and alarm system offering the best performance and reliability currently available. The system has been designed to high specification and quality standards and is intended to fully comply with the new EN54 -2 and EN54 - 4 standards and EU directives.

Overview of features    
  • Loop length up to 3.2 kms. long (2 miles long) with spurs
  • Fast short circuit isolator in every device
  • Very low current consumption
  • Digital communication with high power transfer
  • Can be pre-configured on a pc or via control panel on site
  • Choice of up to 15 combinations of smoke or heat detection programmable at control panel or via connected PC
  • Optional built-in sounder in each Multipoint provides 7 sound patterns and 3 volume settings
  • Supported by a range of loop-powered sounders
  • Auxiliary digital inputs and outputs are available at any addressable Multipoint device
  • Repeater units available - connected on a bi-directional serial link
  • Multi stage alarms - pre-alarm feature
  • Simple commissioning procedure to zone and personalise devices
  • Automatic continuous self calibration of addressable Multipoint detectors
  • Multipoint detectors are monitored for all failure modes of sensor chamber - warnings indicated when smoke detector heads require service

Control Panel Features

  • 32 zonal display for fires
  • Individual device labels display fire and fault may be pre-configured or entered during commissioning by key pad or via connected P.
  • 32 Programmable alarm sectors
  • Event log - up to 255 events
  • Back lit LCD permitting the display of individual device labels
  • User configurable inputs and outputs to meet international standards
  • Integral power supply with intelligent battery management
  • Zones 17 to 32 can be assigned as auxiliary zones

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