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CHIL/PRO induction loop amplifiers are ideal for use in large prestigious applications such as theatres, churches, cinemas, conference halls, etc., where first class sound and reliability are a must.

Each amplifier has three inputs - Mic., Mic./Line and ‘Outreach'. The Mic. and Mic./Line inputs will accept standard three pin XLR connectors. The four-way ‘Outreach' input offers full compatibility with our unique Outreach Plate audio input extension system. This system allows the connection of up to ten additional microphone or line inputs via a range of specially designed single gang audio connector plates.

The pre-amplification stage of each amplifier utilises an advanced signal processing system that allows tight control over the audio signal without any degradation of output quality. A metal compensation control is also provided to help offset the frequency response problems caused by the excessive metal content of some rooms.

Other features include three level controls (one for each input), a loop drive control, an output current meter and a ‘compression' activity display giving visible indication of the amplifier's compressor.

  • Ideal for applications where top quality sound is essential
  • Attractive free-standing design (optional 19" rack and wall mount kits also available)
  • Improved drive current capability provides max. square room coverage of 200m2 (14m x 14m approx) on CHIL/200/2 model 500m2 (22m x 22m approx) on CHIL/500/2 model 900m2 (30m x 30m approx) on CHIL/1000/2 model
  • Two XLR type inputs - one balanced Mic. and one switchable balanced Mic./Line
  • Optional 11V phantom power available for electret microphones
  • Outreach' input allows the connection of up to ten additional microphone or line level inputs via a series of separately available single gang connector plates
  • Adjustable level controls for all inputs can be used individually or together as a three-input mixer
  • Adjustable drive control allows the loop current to be adjusted to suit a room's individual characteristics
  • Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems caused by excessive metal in a building
  • True output current meter
  • Visible indication of the amplifier's compressor action via two LEDs
  • 3.5mm headphone socket allows true monitoring of the output signal
  • Advanced audio signal processing with automatic gain control
  • On-board cooling fan promotes stable operating temperature
  • Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed
  • Can be used to help service providers comply with the requirements of BS8300, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Care Standards Act


Almost any single core tri-rated cable can be used for the induction loop provided it is of the appropriate DC resistance (ideally 0.5 to 1 Ohm). The graph on the right shows the recommended CSA for different lengths of loop cable. Simply work out the length of the loop required and choose a cable size that falls into the non-shaded area of the graph.

For example, to cover a room 30m x 20m (600m2) the loop cable would need to be 100m long (2 sides @ 30m and 2 sides @ 20m). The recommended cable CSA for a loop this length is between 2mm2 and 4mm2. Therefore, a CHIL/1000/2 (which can cover areas up to 900m2) using 2.5mm2 cable would be sufficient.

200m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
500m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
CHIL/1000/2 900m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
CHIL/RM 19” rack-mount kit for pro-range amp
Wall-mount kit for pro-range amp
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