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We supply a "No Break" Emergency Lighting Static Inverter System that guarantees there will be no changeover switching of the supply to the load on Mains failure. The load is totally unaffected by supply variation and is constantly fed with stabilised, smoothed and conditioned power.

This system is designed and manufactured for emergency lighting applications within any industrial or commercial environment. Engineered to accommodate all types of battery assuring recharge time within minimum times demanded by legislation.



  • No flicker of lights thus giving constant chromatic quality
  • Maintains any high pressure discharge lights for standby lighting use
  • Extends the lamp life and reduces the need for maintenance Front access and type of construction offers ease of access for installation and maintenance purposes
  • Proven capability for all types of lighting load
  • Remote communication via RS232 or RS485 provides indication and system status monitor facility from a distant mimic panel
  • Genuine three phase output capability under both "Mains Healthy" and "Mains Fail" conditions provides maximum flexibility whilst avoiding phase differences within the luminaires
  • Extensive power capability, up to 160 KVA, provides a flexible solution for all design schemes regardless of their size and complexity
  • No scheme is too large!


  • Test & Monitor - Our intelligent, addressable central test system
  • Auto Boost - Suitable for Vented, Lead Acid or Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Maintained Circuit Isolation Transformer - for electrical isolation of the output live and neutral
  • Uprated Charger - for 14 hour battery recharge
  • Flexible Integral Distribution - for MCBs or Fuses
  • Hold-off Relays - Integrated within the system
  • Remote Monitoring Panel
  • External Maintenance By-pass - permits the electrical isolation of the system from the Mains and simultaneously from the lighting load
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