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The Morley Panel is a flexible and expandable analogue addressable fire alarm control panel which accommodates any system from a single loop through to largest multi-panel networked installations. Utilising XP95 based protocol allows up to 126 separate loop devices and loop sounders on the control loop itself.

  • Versions approved to BS5839 Pt 4, EN54 Pt 2.
  • 1-Multiloop flexibility.
  • Fully on site programmable.
  • 500 event activity logger.
  • Integrated alpha numeric keypad.
  • Optional flush mounting kit.
  • Glazed door option.
  • 80 character back lit liquid crystal display.
  • 40 or 80 LED zonal fire and fault indicators.
  • Optional printer.
  • Fully programmable sounders and outputs.
  • 1 to 2 loop and 1 to 5 loop variants.
  • A full range of accessories are available

For an outline of dimensions, power consumption, internal battery capacity, loop sounders, standard pannel inputs/outputs, repeaters, special finishes, compatability and networking please click on the image/text below to display an Adobe document, or File, Save Target As for a downloadable copy.

Detailed documentation
FW5001/1 Master One Loop Panel - inc 16 Zones
FW5001/3 Master three loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/4 Master four loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/6 Master six loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/7 Master seven loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/9 Master nine loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/10 Master ten loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/12 Master twelve loop panel - inc 32 zones
FW5001/Z16 Additional 16 Zone LED Display
ADD /485 RS485 Card required for networking IE FW5001/4/485




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