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The Lumen Ex range of 8-watt emergency exit signs offers a slim, discreet yet cost effective solution to meet the requirements of emergency exit signs. The sign is particularly suited where there is limited space above a door. The large ‘downlight’ panels allow illumination at floor level. Available with ‘Arrow Left’ and ‘Arrow Right’ as well as the usual ‘Arrow Down’ rigid slide in legends, means that when combined with the double sided version Lumen Ex offers a versatile solution to most exit route applications. The Lumen Ex range is available in white, brass, or black finishes and comes in either the Maintained, Non Maintained & Sustained mode. All versions include a high temperature nickel cadmium battery which gives a three hour autonomy. Viewing distance is 36 metres. Lumen Ex has a three year guarantee.

Dimensions - H200mm X L430mm X D60mm.

LX/NM3F Non-maintained.
LX/M3F Maintained.
LX/S3F 2x8w Sustained.
LX/PIC/AL Legend arrow left.
LX/PIC/AD Legend arrow down.
LX/PIC/AR Legend arrow right.
BR Brass
BK Black
CH Chrome
FSS/DS Double sided: Including Legends (not standard size)
S/TUBE/8W/FL 8w emergency fluorescent tube
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