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Gasmaster is the simple, flexible solution wherever you need a selfcontained, localised control panel to monitor gas or fire hazards. Its flammable, toxic gas and oxygen detectors offer compact and robust detection solutions, high reliability and flexibility to adapt to specific user requirements.

It is equally at home in the office or on an offshore oil rig. The reason it can perform so well in all these situations is because it comes in three models. So you can choose just what you need for your environment.

The beauty of Gasmaster is its simplicity itself to operate, but it packs a lot of performance. All functions can be carried out via push buttons on the front panel. All offer outputs for annunciators, shutdowns and datalogging. All have battery back-up and come with a variety of power inputs.

In short, Gasmaster is the flexible controller that’s easy to live with!

The three models in the Gasmaster range all provide two levels of rising or falling alarms for each channel; individual fault and alarm indicators; outputs for annunciators, shutdowns, dedicated audible/visual alarm drive and datalogging; AC and DC power options, and battery back-up.


  • Gasmaster 1 offers a single channel of gas detection and has been specially designed for areas such as light industrial units, boiler rooms and catering areas. Cellar Safe CO2 & Low Oxygen Detection.


  • With the flexibility of four channels, Gasmaster 4 can control both gas and fire detectors and also specialist detectors making Gasmaster 4 the ideal control panel for industrial applications.


Cost effective solution to simple gas detection problems.

  • Clear intuitive alarm display
  • Loud internal audible alarm
  • Fully monitored
  • Easily linked to other systems

From fermentation through to distribution, Carbon Dioxide is one of the most common hazards to health in breweries, cellars and drinks outlets. It is also the fourth most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Long term exposure to only 0.5% volume represents a toxic health hazard. Concentrations greater than 15% volume can lead to death. CellarSafe has been designed specifically to warn personnel of these hazards.

All areas used for the storage of carbon dioxide are required to have a gas detection system.

CellarSafe has been designed specifically with these areas in mind.


  • Continuous monitoring for carbon dioxide in cellars and other confined spaces
  • Optional oxygen monitoring for other asphyxiation hazards
  • Automatically turn on ventilation fans
  • Factory set alarms levels SAVE MONEY
  • Only turn on ventilation fans when they are needed
  • Long-term maintenance-free operation
  • Annual calibration for carbon dioxide sensor
  • Minimum of 5 years life sensors
  • Bright alarm LEDs
  • Loud distinctive alarms
  • IP65 protection against dust & water jets
  • Dual band infrared sensor for CO2
  • Optional oxygen depletion monitor
  • Cost effective
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