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The Flushlight is an unobtrusive and versatile light fitting available with an optional easy to fit drop down legend which then provides an attractive semi-recessed double sided exit luminaire. 8 watt, 3 hour luminaire. Fully recessable. Aesthetic design. Interior use only. Sustained and mains versions available. Self test variants available. 3 year guarantee. Brass, Chrome, Stainless Steel & White available.

Dimensions: L355mm x H90mm x D75mm.
Size B: L405mm x H150mm x D85mm.


FL/NM3F/BR Non-maintained brass. Size B
FL/NM3F/CH Non-maintained chrome.
FL/NM3F /SS Non-maintained stainless steel.
FL/NM3F/WH Non-maintained white.
FL/M3F/BR Maintained brass. Size B
FL/M3F/CH Maintained chrome.
FL/M3F/SS Maintained stainless steel.
FL/M3F/WH Maintained white.
FL/PIC/AL Rigid Screen Painted Legend arrow left.
FL/PIC/AD Legend arrow down.
FL/PIC/AR Legend arrow right.
FL/LEG/AD Drop Down Exit Legend Arrow Down
FL/LED/AL Drop Down Exit Legend Arrow Right
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