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DualCom GPRS is an alarm signalling device that uses both the Vodafone network and an optional telephone path to transmit fire alarm signals at high speed. Once the alarm is confirmed as genuine, the appropriate people are notified. Utlising two signalling paths ensures that DualCom dual-signalling will always have a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on either path.


Channel pioneered dual-signalling and has since led the way in ensuring the latest technologies are used by keeping up with modern telecommunication advances.

DualCom GPRS is the newest member of the tried and tested DualCom family. GPRS is a high-speed technology used to send and receive ‘packets' of data. Channel chose Vodafone for the integrity of its performance in both reliability and speed.

GPRS is charged as a fixed tarrif, meaning the device can send and receive an unlimited amount of data at no extra charge. In the unlikely event the GPRS signal fails, a second GSM signal is sent. If required, a telephone line can also be added. The use of this affordable new technology allows Channel to bring dual-signalling to a market previously using singlepath technology on a cost basis. Dual-signalling, as favoured by insurance, fire brigades and police, is the only way forward when it comes to the protection of people and property.


A dual-signalling device helps to distinguish genuine from false alarms and can therefore prevent the response time from dropping to a lower level or being withdrawn.


With the addition of a LAN (Local Area Network) card, DualCom GPRS can convert to an IP (Internet) based secondary path. And, if you're not convinced that the internet is the way forward for your business or you are simply not ready, it can be plugged on at a later date whilst running on the proven signalling paths of telephone line and GPRS in the interim.


  • Two signalling paths, GPRS and telephone
  • High-speed transmission on GPRS path
  • Fixed tarriff means unlimited transmissions and no hidden charges
  • Dual-signalling preferred by insurance companies and police
  • Meets insurance Grades 2 & 3 (medium-high risk category)
  • Can connect to any telephone network
  • No need for dedicated telephone line, can share with existing telephone line (Optional)
  • Reports telephone or GPRS failure in seconds
  • Supplied fully programmed
  • For fire installations, use DualCom Fire
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