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The deaf and hard of hearing are in danger of not hearing your fire alarm.

Deafgard is the safe, legal and cost-effective solution. Deafgard provides a wireless solution for communicating the sounding of the fire alarm to deaf and hard of hearing people.



  • No installation required
  • Wireless technology
  • Automatically activates when the fire alarm sounds
  • Assists you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • ‘Fail-safe' dual battery supply
  • Alarm clock facility for deaf and hard of hearing

Deafgard is a moveable wireless acoustically triggered bedside unit that incorporates a high intensity strobe and a connected vibrator pad, that when placed under the pillow, vibrates to wake the sleeper upon the fire alarm sounding. The flashing strobe and LCD provide visual indication that the fire alarm is sounding, allowing the individual to leave their room to a place of safety.

Deafgard is given to the deaf and hard of hearing person upon arrival. The person responsible checks and shows the person how to operate the Deafgard unit. Deafgard accompanies the person to his/her room.

The connected vibrator pad is placed under the pillow. When the Deafgard unit ‘hears' the fire alarm, the under-pillow pad vibrates waking the sleeper, whilst the activated flashing strobe and LCD provides the visual indicator. The result is an immediate and effective motion and visual trigger, which signals that the fire alarm is sounding, allowing the individual to leave the building to a place of safety.

Bedside alert unit C/W Vibrating pad

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