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Disabled people, like everyone else, should always have, available, safe means of escape in the event of fire.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) came into effect on 1st October 2004. One of the recommendations is the procedures for the safe evacuation of disabled persons under emergency conditions.

It states that a communication system must be available from each of the Refuge areas to the person controlling the evacuation of the building, identifying the source of origin of the call. This is detailed in BS5588: Part 8: 1988.

As there was no standard or code of practice for such a communication system, BS5839: Part 9: 2003 was introduced.

Channel Safety Systems have developed a Refuge Call System which is fully compliant to the code of practice BS5839: Part 9: 2003, exceeding the recommendations in many cases. It was felt that in a loop wired system the remote units MUST still operate under any cable condition whether the data highway be OPEN or SHORT circuit cable. Channel Safety Systems meet this further requirement.

CH/FITT EVC line tester
CH/CAtCON Adaptor box to convert fire-rated cable to Cat 5
CH/XSB Blue xenon strobe 12V
CH/XSA Amber xenon strobe, 12V
CH/SDM Strobe driver module, 12V
CH24/7 24V Volt 7.2 Ahr SLA battery (2 x 12V incl. link wire)
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