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"Active Standby" is our constantly running, off load, Static Inverter which can be monitored for function at all times -reassuring to know that the system will work when an emergency load is applied.

A choice of contactor or solid-state changeover device provides system flexibility to suit lighting load characteristics and budget constraints.

The AC-AC efficiency is typically greater than 95%. Heat output is kept to an absolute minimum.

  • The systems are specifically designed and manufactured for emergency lighting applications. When using fluorescent and incandescent lighting in a scheme the solid state transfer switch accommodates all lighting loads
  • Microprocessor controlled functionality with solid state changeover device provides communication and test capability
  • Our unique design reduces 'stress' on the inverter when lighting load is applied on loss of Mains supply. Less risk of system failure at the critical time of load transfer


  • Test & Monitor - Addressable Centralised Test System
  • Maintained Circuit Transformer. For electrical isolation of the Output & Input Live & Neutral. Distribution - Integral or External (Maintained or Non-Maintained Double Pole MCB or Single Pole HRC Fuse & Link)
  • Non-maintained output - Contactor controlled
  • Uprated Charger - To provide quicker recharge period (< 14 hours to repeat duty)
  • Remote Night Watchmans control circuit
  • Intelligent Monitoring Software - for Network with MS Windows Environment
  • Static Inverter Changeover/Hold-off Relays
  • Remote Monitoring. Permits the monitoring of the System status from a remote position (maximum of 400 metres)
  • External Maintenance By-pass. Permits the electrical isolation of the System from the Mains as well as from the lighting load
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